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From the time we get your crew order to the time we deploy the qualified personnel:

  • Sourcing of Applicants
SUNBRIGHT maintains a potentials pool of highly qualified seafarers that have undergone the pre-selection and trade testing requirements.  These reservists can be mobilized at short notice upon receipt of a Crew Order from our Principals.  In case of insufficiency of the available candidates, our options are direct hiring and placement of Want Ads in the leading newspapers of general circulation.
  • Screening of Applicants
The right man for the job is the basic dictum that governs SUNBRIGHT's rigid selection of applicants for overseas deployment.  Admittedly, our screening process is so rigid it intimidates many job seekers, but it is the only way we know to ensure the delivery of high-quality service to our discriminating principals.  We can ill-afford to settle even for the second best among the invariably long line of applicants for every job opening because we are committed to preserve our corporate integrity and reputation in the world manpower market.

From the preliminary interview to medical examination, our applicants go through an incisive evaluation process to ensure that we send abroad only the most competent workers who are physically, intellectually and psychologically sound.

Medical and psychological examinations, on the other hand, are held at government-accredited hospitals and medical clinics as well as the pertinent foreign embassies.

  • Pre-Departure of Applicants
After passing the screening process, the applicants are given a checklist of documentary requirements needed for the processing of their travel documents and work permits.  Foremost among these are the Seaman's Book, Philippine Passport and the Visa from the consulate of their prospective host country.  The passport and seaman’s book also double as a Philippine government's guarantee that the holder has no pending criminal, statutory or other legal liability.

Meanwhile, the POEA reviews their employment contracts to ensure their conformity to the basic terms and conditions and safeguards his welfare while working abroad.

One week before departure, the applicants are required to undergo an orientation seminar designed to pre-acquaint them to the vessels of their respective principal as well as appraised them of the terms and conditions of their employment contracts.  They are also briefed about the amenities of their departure and flight schedules.

  • Departure of Hired Applicants
Our staffs are always available at the International Airport to assists our departing workers through the customs and immigration formalities.

This is how for our case and concern go for our seafarers.


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