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Welcome to Sunbright Maritime Services, Inc.

is highly efficient company capable of providing the requirements of its foreign principals. We provide quality and personalized service to clients, business partners, seafarers and their family with utmost courtesy, competence and dedication. We are committed to uphold the provisions of the Standard Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) 1995 as amended, in conformity with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code adopted by the International Marine Organization (IMO).

We fully guarantee that every Seaman we send abroad carries SUNBRIGHT’S legacy of quality service, professionalism and proficiency.

We believe that professionalism should begin right in our office.  Hence, we make sure that our agency personnel are honest, courteous and properly trained to meet the demand of the trade.  The same holds true at the management level where an established standard towards every client is maintained.

Our business growth has been founded on the basis of strict observance to work schedule.  SUNBRIGHT MARITIME SERVICES INC. reached its present status because we have placed a high value to promptness.

For us, there is no substitute for quality service to retain the goodwill and respect of our principals/clients.  Toward this end, we settle for the most qualified applicant and give the best of ourselves in every transaction with our principals.